The purpose of this site is to showcase the natural (as well as the urban) wonder, beauty, history, and the lives found in the greater Sacramento area through insightful photography and slide shows, interviews, and meaningful storytelling.

For the most part, these will not be simple snapshots or just nice pictures but essays with a story to tell, sharing with you at least a sense, if not the Spirit, of places and people I have had the good fortune to visit and meet.

You will find photo essays with and without narration, and sometimes short photo-journalistic news documentaries. I pay homage to a master photographer and story teller, Bob Krist. When I feel that my work even approaches that of Bob Krist, I will have considered myself approaching success. In my opinion (one shared my many others), Bob beautifully combines the art of the visual with the art of the word.

You will also find here brief posts about photography in general. These might include brief reviews, POVs (Point-of-Views), and commentary.

Why Sacramento? Why not! It’s a beautiful area, it’s a great hub and gateway to an incredible realm, it’s where I live, and I can’t yet afford to travel the world. When I can travel the globe, I’ll always know where home is.

For more examples of my work, please visit my other sites at Creativ-Eservices, and Creativ-Eservices at SmugMug where one may order prints, and merchandise with photos on them.