Dunsmuir Railroad Days — 2011

The name speaks for itself. If you are anywhere from the northern California area, it most likely evokes memories of fantasy, fiction, and vague facts from one’s youth.

Union Pacific northbound freight at the Dunsmuir depot. (Click on the photo for a larger view)

Union Pacific northbound freight at the Dunsmuir depot. (Click on the photo for a larger view)

“This is the town everyone wishes they had grown up in,” said Barbara Cross, a past president of the local Chamber of Commerce, and perennial volunteer. In many ways, she personifies both the old and the “new” of Dunsmuir: friendly, hospitable, not afraid to speak to strangers, and eager to share information about Dunsmuir’s legacy as a railroad town, fishing center, tourist attraction, and its own special brand of being, well, being “special.”(Be sure to click on the link to “Continue Reading”)

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Greetings, Friends!

Welcome to my site dedicated to showcasing the natural (as well as the urban) wonders, beauties, histories, and the lives found in the greater Sacramento area, through insightful photography and slide shows, interviews, and meaningful storytelling.
Breakfast paper in North Beach bakery -- Copyright © 2008 by Robert McClintock
If this website finds success, it will be mainly because of people as yourself who are curious about our world: outdoor, indoor, and down-the-street, and who are curious about its peoples—our neighbors.
Environmental portrait of Paul Estabrook -- Copyright © 2008 by Robert McClintock
My responsibility, as photographer and documentarian, is to provide you with more that simple snapshots and nice pictures. I’m here to create essays with a story to tell, sharing with you at least a sense, if not the Spirit, of the places and the people I have had and look forward to having the good fortune to visit.
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